At a Glance

  • Open daily, sunrise to sunset. Closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day, Total Fire Ban Days and for operational activity (gates will be closed).
  • Car parking available
  • Fishing, permit required
  • Bird watching
  • Fees apply for permits
  • No dogs

Activities and facilities

Before visiting, please check the conditions of access.


With a fishing permit, you can drop a line in the from the shoreline inside the fishing zone.

Dogs are not welcome at reservoir reserves as they can carry harmful organisms that can easily contaminate the water and they pose a threat to local native birds and wildlife. Assistance animals are accepted.

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What sets Bundaleer Reservoir apart

Capacity: 6.3 gigalitres (one gigalitre is one billion litres), which is enough to fill more than 3,100 Olympic swimming pools

Constructed: 1898-1903

Bundaleer Reservoir was built to supply Snowtown, Redhill, Brinkworth, Narridy, Blyth and Port Wakefield and was an important source of water in the region for local towns and agriculture until the Morgan-Whyalla pipeline was completed in 1944.

Supplementing supply from Beetaloo , Bundaleer also helped secure water supplied for the lead smelters in Port Pirie while maintaining water supply to the local towns.

Little known fact about Bundaleer Reservoir

During construction, a temporary town housed the workers. The town had three butchers, three bakers, three cool-drink sellers, a shoemaker, draper, doctor’s surgery, police station made from three marquees, a cricket club, a galvanized iron schoolroom, single men’s tents and married men’s camp, plus several boarding houses. A Salvation Army officer travelled by bicycle every Thursday from Jamestown to visit the temporary town.

Water quality

Bundaleer Reservoir is one of 16 across South Australia.

Treating drinking water before it’s supplied to people’s homes, businesses, schools and more, is important to make sure it is clean and safe to drink straight from the tap. Learn how SA Water delivers the quality its customers value and rely upon.

Bundaleer is a contingency supply reservoir.